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Our Story

Background of Redfourth Academy of Music, Dance and Drama

Philip Tuju Sijenyi aka Filah, a professional music coach and performer, established the Redfourth Academy of Music, Dance and Drama in April 2016.

Philip always had a passion for mentoring young people. He conceived the idea of the Redfourth Academy after many years volunteering as a choir trainer at Upper Hill School where he also studied. With success mentoring many of Kenya’s most notable musical acts that include Sauti Sol, he decided to give more opportunities to other upcoming young musicians from various backgrounds. He went on to give music lessons for free to any young person who needed lessons and advise in singing or playing and instrument. After many years of teaching for free and at open spaces like Uhuru Park and Nairobi Arboretum, Filah founded the Redfourth Academy of Music. He began as the only instructor teaching voice and instruments and most of his students were on scholarship personally from him. It has been difficult for many to understand why Filah chooses to teach so many people for free and many times this has gotten his business partners, friends and family worried. Filah himself has argued that he wouldn’t be where he is today if people didn’t make sacrifices or volunteer for him. He was a partial scholarship recipient of the prestigious Berklee College of Music but couldn’t raise the remaining amount. He therefore decided to study in Kenya on his own and teach others what he knew so far believing that would make him a better musician.

The aim was to create an institution for study of contemporary music that incorporates techniques of our native music styles and how they can be used to further cultural awareness and continuity. Apart from offering the universal methods of music education, Redfourth Academy Is focused on developing groundbreaking approaches of music education, performance and recording with an emphasis to African music, Dance and Drama.

Redfourth Academy of music’s main agenda is anchored on three principles Listen, Share, Inspire.

We implore todays musician to first Listen to the amazing beauty and variety of music from all over, then Share their own contribution to the music world and in doing so Inspire their generation and those to come after them.

With this principle, we have committed to offer lessons and projects to musicians across the country.


Curriculum, Content, Age and Styles

Redfourth Academy is focused on preparing a performer who will fit into and compete in todays entertainment industry. While we have foundations on classical and traditional styles of creation and performance, we put great emphasis on making sure that our students will be the best in their craft at their time of graduation.

Our curriculum is uniquely designed to ensure an all round musician, dancer or actor. We offer lessons and courses that also prepare students for other standard qualifications like ABRSM and LCM. Our students must however be also graded on our various exams that include Redfourth Grade Music Exam (RGME), Redfourth Graded Dance Exam, (RGDE), and Redfourth Graded Acting Exam (RGAM) that are administered in both practical and theory forms.

Our content is secular. We are however able to design private repertoires for our students whose faith does not allow to work on non religious content.

We admit students from age 5 years and above for the private instruction lessons.

We however have specialised group classes that would be age restricted. These courses would be more detailed in the Academic Programs Section.

We are focused on styles of today. We teach contemporary styles of music, dance and drama. We look at our backgrounds, the history of these art forms, why they were successful, and what has led to the growth and changes. we believe with such a  foundation, our student know how best to adapt in today’s dynamic industry.